Phan Van Vinh – From Famous Police General To Become A Criminal

Phan Van Vinh, a famous police general, became a criminal in the Rikvip case and an accomplice of Nguyen Van Duong. He exploited his position and authority in the execution of official duties to protect the billion-dollar online gambling network Rikvip. The role of Phan Van Vinh in this network and the details of his journey from a respected police officer to a criminal will be presented in the following article.

Phan Van Vinh is a former Lieutenant General of the Vietnamese People’s Police, born on May 19, 1955. Before becoming a criminal, he had many commendable achievements in the police force. He participated in solving famous cases prior to the year 2000 and earned a reputation for crime investigation and apprehension. He was known for his accomplishments such as using a haystack fire to search for evidence in a grain theft case and capturing criminals by forcing them to lie across train tracks for interrogation. Additionally, he played an important role in investigating the Le Van Luyen massacre in Bac Giang and leading the task force to arrest Ba Kien.

However, no one could have expected that someone who made significant contributions to the police force would become one of the protectors of the Rikvip gambling network. This case was extremely serious, and after the investigation, Phan Van Vinh was stripped of his titles, expelled from the Party, and prosecuted by the Provincial Supreme People’s Procuracy of Phu Tho.

In the Rikvip gambling network, Phan Van Vinh’s role was to exploit his position and authority in the execution of official duties. According to the investigation results, he instructed subordinates to research and prepare proposals for establishing a shell company. He also introduced Nguyen Van Duong to Nguyen Thanh Hoa to facilitate the establishment of the High-Tech Security Investment and Development Limited Liability Company (CNC), of which Duong became the Chairman of the Council of Members.

Initially, many law enforcement and crime prevention units mistakenly believed that CNC was a specialized company under the General Department of Police. However, in reality, this company served as a cover for Duong and his accomplices’ online gambling activities, providing significant benefits. Phan Van Vinh not only failed to stop these activities but also signed documents requesting the Ministry of Information and Communications to create favorable conditions for the company’s operations. Furthermore, he instructed Pham Minh Son, the Deputy Director-General of the General Department of Police, to issue a license for operating gambling card games to CNC.

The Phan Van Vinh case and the Rikvip gambling network shocked and highlighted the complexity and diversity of life. It serves as evidence that personal decisions can lead to unexpected paths and have serious consequences.

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