Things To Consider When Planning 1920s Murder Mystery Game

Pretty sure that you have been summoned to several occasions arranged by colleagues, friends, relatives, or neighbors not to simply spend a teatime, but to have fun as well. So, when it comes to entertainment, the hosts usually organize something special so the guests don’t get jaded during their stay. This is why some of them hire live bands, stand-up comedians, and other performers, but these are usually meant for huge festivities.

That’s why others look for activities that would suit small revelries because the core aim is to merely gather all and sundry to appreciate the moment. For this reason, the organizers started incorporating the 1920s murder mystery game whenever they wish to have a dinner party for a few folks. Well, this is a known activity in the United States and I guess, individuals from different parts of the world would be very interested in this, too.

We’re not kids who like playing around, but this mysterious activity requires strong skills and intelligence which adults, as well as, younger generations would love to decipher. Let’s say that it’s somewhat challenging and exciting at the same time, so only those who can work together for a mutual goal can surely unravel the situation. Now, if you’d like to try this at home, then you’ll need to ask for an expert’s advice and hire an experienced host or an organizer to assist you in setting up the scenario.

What’s this all about?

The 1920s Murder Mystery Game is typically planned by the host of the event and joined by his guests, so he’ll be responsible for a crime scene for them to analyze. Let’s say that you’ll have to act like detectives here, as if you’re in a Nancy Drew series and indeed in such leitmotifs. So if you’re a fan of such fictional genres, then you’d certainly love to join and take part once you obtain the invitation.

Sometimes, scenarios can be created, though kits are also offered and you can get them from numerous merchants and certified organizers. Everything you’ll require for this activity will be included in the package, such as photos, scripts, character descriptions, etc. It’s up to you, if you’d like to hire their services or simply follow the guidelines, and don’t forget you’ll be needing to set up for dinner as well.

Anyway, the participants will be given a sheet containing their roles and clue cards. After the scene was clarified, everybody will be giving their concepts concerning the crime. Of course, the one who can identify the murderer must be rewarded for his quick wits – look at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murder_mystery_game to read further.

Things To Consider When Planning 1920s Murder Mystery Game


I suggest you propose in advance, especially when purchasing 1920s murder mystery game kits, since the invitations are yet to arrive. And then, the shipping timeframe will be considered, too. So all particulars must be gathered early and consult with the organizer, if you’d like to hire one.

If your place needs to be ornamented, then you should coordinate this with the experts. In this way, they can come and arrange the place. Without cooking skills, you can get caterers because some hosts hurt their pride to ask people to bring food, thus, set the date and make an agreement with the caterers.


Choosing a game will be contingent on the number of players. Therefore, before ordering a kit, you should have already finalized your guest list. Don’t forget that some of your acquaintances might have emergencies, so they might cancel their role or come late.

Such occurrences must be anticipated, so make sure these won’t affect the gameplay. This is why you should be able to choose a category that meets the figures. Sometimes having more invites sent than the characters would be fine, since they can take others’ part.


We have a lot of options here so let’s select what can deliver us the best gaming experience. However, we shouldn’t only ponder about our inclinations because we have to cogitate on what our gamers will delight in. If we can please them as well, then this night could turn out to be remarkable.

Let’s say you’ll concoct a list of the five most played crime scenes and ask the players to vote. With this scheme, you can pick the ones with the highest hands. Doing this would be tranquil for the organizers to start up the gameplay.


Characters can be assigned based on the personalities of the people involved in this party. Since you are acquainted with them, then it would be stress-free to connect a particular role.

Anyway, before you give them parts, I advise you to read more about the characters. Hiring experts would be reasonable since they’re accustomed to the gameplay, but they don’t personally know the players.

Therefore, if it’s acceptable for you to simply allot at random, they can be of big help. By the way, it is also good to allocate what’s opposing their traits. Through this, they can make a diverse experience by adapting to new behavior.

Things To Consider When Planning 1920s Murder Mystery Game


What you will be wearing on this day is necessary to make the event more successful. You should have already decided on the theme and scouted a shop where you can lease attire. Therefore, everybody must be given a heads-up about the details.

Sometimes, you don’t need to provide the costumes even when it would be in the 1920s. The easiest way to locate these shops is to ask the event handlers – visit this site for ideas. I guess you’ll not only come in comprehensive attire, but would go to a salon as well for a makeover.


For every kit you acquire, you’ll be given a particular set of instructions to follow. Therefore you have to assess these thoroughly when you’re handling this alone.

But again, if experts will be hosting, then they would be organizing this for you. In the end, you’ll be one of the players, participating as detectives or murderers. Don’t be a spoiler even if you know everything about the gameplay so be directed, and let your visitors have a night to reminisce. 

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